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Two Carpenters Fight on a Lofty Scaffold

John Anderson and Workman Whose Name is Unknown, Battle in Midair and Both Are Thrown to the Ground Twenty-five Feet Below–Both Taken to Hospitals.


John Anderson, formerly a wealthy citizen of Salt Lake City, and another man whose name the police have not learned engaged in a desperate battle on a lofty scaffold at 2306 Tenth avenue south several days ago. Both men went to hospitals.


Anderson is able to be out, but is not very strong or well yet.


Anderson a year ago lost a fortune in Salt Lake City. When his money was gone his relatives forsook him and he was forced to beat his way East. His goal was New York city but by the time the old man reached Minneapolis he was penniless and in a weak condition. The police gave him help and found him employment as a carpenter.


Finally he went to work with another man upon a job at 2306 Tenth avenue south. At noon one day a discussion arose between the two men when they were working on a scaffold twenty-five feet high.


A fight followed. Blow after blow was struck and the men struggled with nothing between them and the earth twenty-five feet below but a narrow plank.


Swaying back and forth they for a time managed to keep their balance. Finally, however, the two men, locked in each other’s arms, rolled off the plank and tumbled over and over to the ground. Both were knocked senseless.


Neighbors who had looked upon the battle with horror and fear, ran to the scene and both men were taken away. Anderson to the City hospital and the other man to a private hospital.


Anderson’s main grievance now is the loss of his clothes, which were in the shop of his antagonist when the trouble occurred. He has asked the police to recover them for him and Chief Doyle’s pupils are doing their best.


from the Minneapolis Tribune, April 4, 1905.




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