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arts and culture

Patricia Mendoza, a visual artist living and working in Phillips, completing a painting for a recent exhibition.

Heart of the Beast Theater, located in Midtown Phillips, is a renowned Minneapolis institution.

Doubtless because of its ethnic and racial diversity, Phillips' artistic and cultural life is dazzlingly vibrant. Artistic communities of every sort reside here, and the neighborhood's racial and ethnic groups celebrate their heritage with countless cultural and religious ceremonies, musical presentations, arts and craft displays, and not least important, culinary exhibits. This section can only begin to suggest the scope and variety of these activities.


Public art

  • Honor Village: Celebrating Minnesota American Indian Month
  • Neighborhood murals


Writers and artists

  • Old Maids' Night at the Pops by Anne Prazniak
  • Rev. Carly Swirtz
  • Patricia Mendoza


Arts institutions



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