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Cheap Dwelling Houses

This article appeared in the Minneapolis Tribune on April 30, 1873.


Very few of the hundreds of dwelling houses being erected here are designed for rent, and at the present time there is a pressing necessity for more dwelling houses in the city. Every day brings its quota of strangers who are looking around for a place to locate permanently, and many leave for no other reason than that suitable houses cannot be obtained. The pressing necessity is for dwelling houses of four to six rooms to accommodate families who cannot afford to pay more than from $12 to $20 per month for rent. Two hundred such could be rented in one month, even though situated at a considerable distance from the mills and manufactories. The boarding houses are full; the hotels are full; many families are already undergoing the doubling up process, and the cry is "still they come."


It is suggested that if private individuals will not invest their means in building dwelling houses, because it will not pay them 20 per cent on the investment, that a building association might be organized, a tract of land bought up, and a cheap class of small cottages or tenement houses erected thereon, and that at least fifteen per cent could be realized, from the start. How it would work we do not know, but the fact that the demand largely exceeds the supply cannot be ruled out.

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